Luminar 3 for just $49 during pre-order using our community coupon code!


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The Luminar 3 pre-order is still taking place until Dec. 18th. Anybody who orders now gets immediate access to Luminar 2018 and then on the 18th they'll get a license for Luminar 3 in their account automatically.

During the pre-order the $69 normal price is reduced to $59 but if you use our affiliate link and enter "CAMERADERIE" for the coupon code you can get an additional $10 off bringing the price down to just $49!

How to pre-order Luminar 3 for just $49...

Clink on the Cameraderie affiliate link:

When checking out click on the "Enter Promotional Code" link

Luminar 3 - Enter Coupon Code.PNG

Enter "CAMERADERIE" as the coupon code. Click the "Apply" button. You won't see the additional discount until click the "Apply" button.

Luminar 3 - Coupon Code Entered.png

That's it, you should now see a savings of $20 applied bringing your price down to just $49 for Luminar 3!

Luminar 3 - Coupon Code Entered Price Updated.png


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For me, Luminar 3 remains a full-featured photo editor designed for photographers of all skill levels. A new Library feature makes it easier to organize, browse, rate, group, and simply enjoy your photos, while over 100 editing features, plus a suite of fast AI-powered technologies under the hood, will make any photo stand out.

The AI-powered photo editor does a dozen manual adjustments in a few seconds. AI manages exposure, highlights and shadows, contrast, color balance, and much more. You get a slider to control the effect's intensity and that's all you need to do.

Your honest feedback is the best gift the developers can wish for Christmas.

Warm wishes for a beautiful holiday!


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If anybody missed the pre-order and still wants to take advantage of this deal, Skylum is having a "flash sale" between now and January 2, 2019. The same promotional pricing applies... Skylum has $10 off during the sale, click our affiliate link, enter our "CAMERADERIE" coupon code to get an additional $10 off, and your final price is just $49 USD. :)

Also, speaking of Luminar, if you're already a user of Luminar 3 be sure to do a 'Check for Updates' as their first patch has been released for it. Annoyingly for me it installed like it was a new install instead of an upgrade so my license key wasn't recognized. I ended up resetting my L3 licenses on the Skylum site and then entering my license key again, otherwise it would have counted it as two activations out of the allowed 5 even though this is my one & only machine I have it installed.

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