Luminar 3 won't save to Photos on Catalina


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Loaded up Catalina yesterday only to find that any new changes made within Photos can not be saved.
Anyone else having the same problem? The problem is noted on the Luminar website.


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I had come across issues of Lightroom having issues with Catalina but hadn't seen any mention of Luminar.

Depending on which post you came across over at the Skylum forums there's a possible workaround until they release an actual update.

For other Mac users, here's the official statement from Skylum. In short, if you're a Catalina user you'll be out of luck unless you're running the current versions. In the official statement they give the same workaround that the users posted earlier in the above linked thread.
Which Skylum apps are going to be compatible with macOS Catalina? Luminar 4, Luminar 3, Luminar Flex and Aurora HDR 2019.

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