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Clix Pix

Jul 20, 2018
Northern Virginia, USA
Update: I did upload my receipt from apple store to the Skylum website. Moments later I also sent a message to them through their website. I got an email this morning asking for the app store receipt. I email a pdf of it to them and they sent me an activation key number and a download link for Luminar 3. The key is the same as for both Luminar 2018/Luminar 3. So now I have a both software installed and running. Looking forward to playing with Luminar 3 over the holidays. Got a couple of weeks off.
Thanks for the thoughts all! Will look forward to reading more about your experiences soon.
Huh..... I will have to check back on this and see if there is any further progress with my situation. Thanks for the update!


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Jul 17, 2010
Perth, Western Australia
Bill Shinnick
Sue I think this is only true for the Mac version of Luminar 3. I asked Skylum about this some months ago and was told it was 'coming' for Windows but it's not here yet! It is possible in Aurora 2019 so not sure why it's not in Lum 3 or am I the only one missing something here? The only thing in Lum3 is under File giving you the option of installing into LR/PS which I no longer have.

Can I ask again about third-party plugins not being accessible still in the Windows version? Am I the only one? :hmmm:


Nov 3, 2015
On both my machines Luminar is slower than Lightroom. I didn't think it was possible for a program to claim that title but it did. I have gone back to 2018 when I use it.
I'm finding it painfully slow on my Mid 2014 MBP w/16GB RAM. Another thing that I think was a big miss from Skylum was sending bracketed AE shots to Aurora: It sends one at a time which is completely pointless.

I bought Alien Skin Exposure X4 and so far it is running circles around Lum 3 and LR6.


Oct 20, 2014
Same here. I really liked X4 from Alien Skin but I decided to keep things simple. So for now it’s Affinity and Apple Photos but my partner uses Luminar. Right now we are traveling and share one MacBook. So I see what’s possible with Luminar.

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