Fuji Luminous Landscape field report on X100


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I had one on order, and after seeing a number of icky images from users, decided to go with the GXR and two modules instead. Michael says a lot of good but general things about the image quality of the X100, only that it almost as good as a high end Nikon at high ISO's. I'm just as much of a gearhead as the next guy, probably moreso, but I have gone off the X100. I guess that means there is one more out there that someone else can have!


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Yeah I was all excited for a few months after the launch, but my interest has now petered out - with residual interest only remaining in the hybrid OVF. This review confirms many of my concerns.

So looks like it's me and the Sigma DPs for a little longer...oh with the addition of the s95 in a little while ;)

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The more I read and ask questions about the X100, the more my interest is still there, despite an earlier decision against it. I cancelled my B&H pre-order because there was money already paid out on that one. But I still have a pre-order in at a local shop and a cousin in Canada who has one and may have a line on another very slightly used one if his son doesn't like it (so far he doesn't). So I have irons in the fire without any financial commitment until its time to pull the trigger. If the Canada thing comes through, I might even be able to get it before we leave for a week in the tropics in a couple of weeks.

There are plenty of issues that I'm sure will be a minor PIA and one that sounds like it'll tick me off until they fix the firmware which they may or may not do (ISO settings and auto ISO NOT selectable from the same place, even the same general menu - seriously???!!!), but the people I've talked or read stuff from who actually HAVE them are almost all pretty positive, much like the LL review, with a few fairly serious operational deficiencies. There was a focus question on relatively close subjects that had dpreview all atwitter for a bit and concerned me too. But after asking a lot of questions, it seems its a common issue to all rangefinders with offset viewfinders and the fact that the X100 gives you an EVF also (which allows precise focus where the OVF does not) is a huge benefit, not a bug as some seemed to believe. Some real quirks, but overall a great little camera for its intended use. I still have real doubts about wanting a camera in my face for street shooting, but I'd love the silent operation and I'll never know about the viewfinder until I try one. And I know myself well enough to know that it will drive me crazy if I don't spend some time with one. I have trouble imagining it displacing the Nex, but I could see it co-existing pretty well. Maybe. Worth a try, in any case.

I always reserve the right to change my mind several times in the process of making any decision!



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I always like MR's reviews. Haven't had time to read this one yet, but I briefly looked at the photos in it, and I think that from a sample image perspective, this is some of my favorite work ever presented by MR in one of his reviews. That in itself speaks very well of the camera IMO.