Sony Luminous Landscapes RX 100 review


Wow, what a conclusion the review ends with. I don't recall having read a review in which the tester concludes that a camera of a crowded market segment stands head and shoulders above the rest.


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These high end compacts are meant to compete with the entry level DSLRs. Smaller but comparable IQ, so they can ask for a similar price. Then, of course, there are people like us . . .


He doesn't even mention Handheld Twilight or Clear Zoom and those are already two of my favourite features.

I took a picture in a very dark cupboard with the twilight mode without flash and I was very impressed.
Equally, setting the camera to jpeg mode and 5 Megapixel size mode means the clear (digital) zoom really expands the range of the optical zoom with very little quality degradation.

The screen handles outdoor shooting in very bright Sydney sunshine and yes it was a very sunny day on which I tested it


I got mine on Friday. It's shirt pocket size. Amazing IQ and functionality for an always carry on you camera. A game changer for high end truly compact point & shoots.


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Sony tends to try out really new stuff in their compact cameras and get it working well, then they put it in their SLT cams. So I figure the upcoming A99 should be killer.

Sony really does not try to make cheap cutting edge cams so I figure the price is fair, for a Sony.
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