Lunar Eclipse


Feb 1, 2013
Marlow, UK
After weeks of clear skies, last night there was a covering of cloud for the entire duration of the lunar eclipse. I remember there was cloud cover for the partial solar eclipse we had here a few years ago too, but at least I didn't go to the trouble of making a safe viewing device this time.



Hall of Famer
Jan 19, 2015
Very well done. I did actually get up around 5am here in Sydney and the skies were clear but it was lazyness that stopped me; no proper gear preparation and an unwillingness to drive out of my house to get a decent view.


Nov 24, 2014
Scott Depot, WV, USA
Sorry for the confusion. I searched titles and found this thread, and decided to tag onto Marlof's older post rather than create a new post by the same name. We were completely clouded over at moonrise and for a couple of hours afterward. I figured we were going to be out of luck, as we have been on almost every other interesting celestial phenomenon, but when I checked again right after the eclipse began, the moon was shining brightly through breaks in the clouds, and by the time of the peak eclipse, the sky was completely clear.

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