Micro 4/3 LX-100 Video - How to Change Settings?


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I am still getting the hang of this wonderful camera, and I hope that some people can help me. Late in 2018 I'd like to take a trip, and part of that I'd like to shoot some night video with the LX-100.
Some instructional videos suggest the best settings would be to turn the contrast and sharpness all the way down, and the saturation slightly. Sharpness could be increased a bit in post if needed.
I easily found the settings I need to change under picture settings - but does that automatically translate to when shooting video as well? There is no similar function under video in the menu.
Thanks a lot.

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I would like to help you with this but I very rarely take videos with my LX100, and when I do I don’t make any adjustments. But, I would suggest that you experiment with a variety of settings and see if the photo adjustments work for video also. I don’t know if the filters work in video mode but putting the camera in monochrome would be an easy test.


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It's a few months on from your original post, but here's my take on Panasonic video.

Shoot at either 4K or 1080 24/25p. 4K on the LX100 is great, and the 1080p is very serviceable. Switch to the Natural profile and decrease sharpness, contrast and noise reduction, and you can add back contrast and sharpness in post. Changing the profile will affect the stills as well, so be aware of this if you shoot jpegs in camera.

Experiment with iDynamic and Shadows/Highlights. My preference is to leave those alone, as though they give the impression of more dynamic range, too much will introduce noise into the footage.

The LX100 should be able to shoot video in most of the Scenes and Filters modes.

On the GH3, I shoot in Natural with the above settings, same with the GM1. I use Cinelike D on the GH4, and will use either HLG or V-Log L on the GH5s when I get one.
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