Panasonic LX-5 Economy Mode and Sleep


When you set Economy and you set it to turn off the LCD in 15 or 30 Seconds, it hard codes the Sleep mode to 2 minutes. Why?

I don't want the camera to go to sleep (ever) and setting LDC Off should not affect this... here's why.

You are sitting there and have set white balance and are happy with it. Same with aperture/shutter speed or whatever... I'm sure there are other settings...

You want to take a picture every so often, and you want the camera on but not burning in or wasting battery with the display... So you set Tools => Economy => Auto LCD Off ... which ALSO sets Sleep Mode to 2 minute.

So... at two minutes it goes into sleep mode and your white balance is GONE. So are your settings with respect to aperture. What is the point? If that is the behavior I want, I'll just turn off the camera. Might as well. The lens is retracted anyway. Or forget Economy mode and just turn the display off with the... er... ooops, no such button (that I have found).

This has got to be a bug. I love that it shuts down the LCD in 15 seconds. But I really dislike the sleep mode at 2 minutes. The settings should be fully independent. I should be able to set Economy without effecting Sleep Mode. Alternatively, sleep mode should preserve the camera settings. After all, it's sleep mode... not off mode. This is not a deal breaker, but it is an annoyance.

Am I missing something or is this a suggestion for the Panasonic engineers?


Ok... well then, I wish there was a way to delete this thread.

Anyway, it is a minor annoyance in some respects.

I did discover that turning Optical Viewfinder to "On" add a blank screen to the cycle on the Display button. While it would be nice to have a sleep mode that returns completely to former settings, I settle for this and the adapter/filter combination to protect the exposed lens.