Panasonic LX-5 repair


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I've had my LX-5 for over a year now and love the camera. But mine developed a problem -- and the worst kind, an intermittent one. Occasionally and without warning, The camera would act as if I was changing the mode dial rapidly and then error out.

I searched the internet far and wide for a solution or to even see if others had a similar problem. Trained by the Navy years ago as a mechanical repairman, I don't usually like to touch electronic problems. I took the camera to a place in Ft. Lauderdale called "The Camera Clinic" and the guy took my in and called me a week later saying "the problem is on the mainboard." When I went to pick it up, he charged me $15 for his time.

I fired up the camera and it worked fine, but eventually started the problem again.

I found the repair manual on the Web and decided to take a look and seeing that the connection between the Mode Dial and the electronics was mechanical, decided to have a go at it. Removed the back and used radio shack electronic cleaner. It has been a week and the problem has not returned.

And I learned the main board doesn't control that function anyway. I hate to be lied to and I feel taken, but glad I have my LX back.

Anyone have a similar experience?
My LX3 developed a problem with the flash that was very frustrating. Even in forced flash mode, the flash would only fire intermittently, and exposure was all over the map. EXIF data showed proper functioning of the unit, though. I have to say that Panasonic service was outrageously priced. So I had another repair service fix the camera - or try to. After 4 tries, they finally just sent me a refurbished camera. It seems fine.