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Expired Lx-5

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Withdrawn due to Amazon.com: Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5 10.1 MP Digital Camera with 3.8x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 3.0-Inch LCD - Black: Camera & Photo

Panasonic LX-5. $305.00 Two (2) months old, in excellent condition. LCD protector from day one, extra Panasonic OEM battery ($32.95), auto lens cap ($10.00), and filter adapter (52mm) with lens hood ($13,00). In addition to the items above, sale includes box, paperwork, quick start manual, and all accessories that came with the camera. The strap has not been used and so is in new condition. Purchase Receipt will be included for documentation purposes.

Terms: I see these for 357.00 lowest price on FleeceBay. There are about $55.00 worth of accessories. The batteries are chipped. You really need to purchase the OEM version to get full function. Lowest I can go is $305.00 total via Paypal (no gift please) which includes shipping/insurance/tracking to CONUS, Paypal-verified locations. I am willing to discuss shipping to other countries, but I will prefer shipping either Priority Mail International Insured which can be relatively expensive, or via Registered Mail where less expensive but fully supported by the receiving country.

I am relatively new here, so if you want some references please look up woof, that's me, at Pentaxforums.com. I have a good feedback rating there. Also you can view woodburywarmth at eBay. Plenty of good feedback there, sometimes as a seller.

It really is a wonderful little camera and I will no doubt miss it. I bought it because I wanted to assess whether a small yet capable camera was for me. I took it with me on a business trip and instantly fell for the small form factor/large capability. At this point however I've added an E-PL3 to the stable. In essence the E-PL3 has all of the functionality and is very close in form factor with additional benefits for me. (I do much prefer Panasonic's e-dial to Olympus wheel, and in fact overall prefer the LX-5's ergonomics to the Olympus). However, I really cannot keep both, and unlike the LX-5, the E-PL3 is demanding that I lay in a store of lenses. So I am regretfully putting this camera up for sale.

I will consider trades with cash to me/you as appropriate and negotiated. Specifically, I am looking for:

Panasonic 20mm f/1.7
Panasonic 14mm f/2.5
Oly 45mm f/1.8
Oly 9-18mm

Will consider other interesting trades.

Photos of the camera. I admit it was kind of fun to play dress-up with the camera and the various options I have assembled. Sort of a high-key modeling gig. My product skills could use some work, but these should be adequate.

Photos from the camera.

I like to do architecture. I found the camera very capable in this regard. The 24mm-90mm equivalent f/2.0 lens is really a revelation. I need to confirm this, but in m43 terms this is like having the FOV of a 12mm and in APS-C terms, a 16mm. A 12mm/16mm Leica? Awesome. I will miss that perhaps most of all. In the Pentax world from whence I came, one of my favorite lenses is the DA 15mm. It's nice having this kind of wide on a very capable compact.

I must say also that I've grown attached to 16:9 format too even if harder to print. Had the E-PL3 not had this aspect ratio I might not have purchased it.

Another thing I like and find useful is that this little baby will shoot three-shot AE brackets at two steps apart in one second. Just fast enough to actually hand hold in a pinch. More than one of the following photos makes use of this capability. I tend not to try for the over-processed look, but the architecture pieces that show a lot of DR are undoubtedly shot in this manner. Even the E-PL3 cannot match this as it requires shooting five shots at single step increments to get the same DR range. It does this in one second also, but only if IS is turned off. It's not the same somehow.

It's no slouch at landscapes and I found it easy to use for panoramic (well not their Panasonic's mode, but rather manually using various software) ...

Overall a lovely little camera. Very versatile, eminently compact, and extremely capable. Wired Magazine's Camera of the Year...
Thanks for looking.
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James... thanks. I'm very flattered. I decided to take this little camera seriously and see what it could do.

Bump for addition of photos of the camera.

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