Panasonic LX5-What does it need to have to get you to part with your cash?

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We all know how great and well received the LX series has been these last two years. My question is what are you hoping for and what will take to get you to open your wallet for one?

I recently tried the Samsung TL500/EX1 and that was/is a TERRIFIC BODY and LENS. Give me that camera with a larger sensor and an optional viewfinder and I'm there.

Rumor currently has it as an LX5 with micro 4/3rd sensor and a fixed 3X zoom with a 24-72 F2 lens AND a built-in Rangefinder. That would be enough for me to sign up. What do you think that would cost?
I'm guessing it will come out in the $500 range, unless they add the red dot as well. To me the real question is not so much price but size, if it is only slightly smaller than existing m4/3 with kit lens, what would be the point. If it were significantly smaller (ie G11 size or TL500 size) then the entire situation has changed. But I just can't imagine how they can do that....

But I'm always up for miracles.

I see your point. From my perspective, if the lens retracts far enough in so that it's almost flat like say a TL500 and be the larger sensor, that would make it very appealing. The existing kit lenses on the m4/3 cameras are still rather bulky even when not in use.
Bigger Sensor, No Fiddly Lens Cap!

As an early adopter of the LX3, I have to say it will be a tough camera to improve. It's already nearing the outer edge of an acceptable compact size, and I wouldn't want to slow down that big, beautiful F2 lens. The laws of physics always rudely intrude...

But if they can somehow squeeze an M4/3 sensor into it, reduce the noise, add an OVF and ditch the lens cap, I would be all over it. And as long as we're wishlisting, then I would also love to have 1) better audio recording, 2) exposure control while recording video, 3) continued emphasis on low-noise over megapixels, 4) a more robust mode dial, 5) a bit more reach on the tele end and 6) manual focusing via lens ring instead of joystick (blech!).

To me, M4/3 fulfills it's destiny when it stays very small. Pancakes & fixed lenses help accomplish this. The LX3 above all else is a blast to shoot. If they can keep this alive and deliver bigger, more beautiful files, then I say God Bless Panasonic!
I think there is some confusion taking place, but my reading of the rumor mill suggests there are 2 different Pannys coming out. One will be the LX3 replacement and probably still small and small sensor, ie the LX5. The other will be the fixed lens m4/3 which I'm guessing will be a bit larger. If this is in fact correct (aren't rumors great) then it will be curious how different the two will be.
To sprinkle some additional commentary to what's been said... I agree on the lens cap... too much fiddling around with it. I would want to see a larger sensor (4/3 or APS-C) as well. But the big one for me is to improve the user interface and change the joystick to something different (similar to the GF-1 dual-function wheel maybe?). I find it tedious to use the joystick for fully manual function. But at the end of the day, I think the form factor of the LX-3 is already fantastic, and it needs to stay that small... otherwise I'll just pull out the E-Px with the pancake.
If in fact Panny does come out with a 4/3 sensor compact type fixed lens camera, I'll be all over it, if its not too expensive. As much as I love my E-P1, there are times where even it is a little to large and fiddly. This would be a great camera for my other half as well.
Let's wait and see what Pan brings to table.
Many of us are longing for a rangefinder.
I believe 3D has the future !

Enjoy your NEX(T) weekend ! Herman