Leica Showcase M 10

Picked one up about a month ago. Original MM and M-E are back at Leica (sensors) so I am rock'n the new M 10 as well as my M 262. Anyone else have an M 10? If so please feel free to share your thought and photos here.

The new M 10 is the finest 135 format or crop digital camera I have ever shot with. Responsive and very very good in low light. I've read a little better than a Canon 5DIV. I have found it to be very good up to 20,000ISO without the banding issues at 6400 that I found especially in the shadows with the M 262.






Great shots, Allen. You're great at shooting candids, something I have to push myself to do.

I think you might be the first forum member to own an M10 - unless I've missed anything from Vince. It really sounds and looks superb. There's no arguing with the output.

I've been waiting for an M10 order to come in since January. In the wait I've picked up a used SL two weeks ago, been shooting M lenses with it . Although not my favorite camera for size, weight, or UI, still it's growing on me. Like the M10, the detail and color that can be pulled from underexposed regions is something new. It's addicting: Shoot the skies how you want them, pull everything else as you like in post. No worries about noise. I'm even thinking about getting that 24-90mm bazooka - would cover 95% of what I want to shoot in a flash. But will I be OK shooting with the transmission of a subcompact vehicle?

Very much miss the size and UI of the M cameras. When the M10 comes in, I'll see which I'll keep.

Keep posting your shots and thoughts - or do tell us where we can find them.

I was on the list at several places. I got my M 10 about a month ago. Murphy's Camera in Louisville (Kevin Murphy) is who came through first. It was that way with my original MM also. I was one a couple of lists and Murphy's was the first to come through then also. If you haven't tried there I would highly recommend (if you are in the sates) contacting Kevin. Really good folks to do business with.

I will also post some color work from the M 10 and a couple of test shots I did with it at 20,000 ISO right after I first received it.

Good luck,
Brian, I plan on keeping both my original MM and my M-E when the come back from Leica but the M 10 is a different beast. It is right now responsive and so good in low light. It is at least 2 stops better than my M 262.
It's delivering great results. If I came into the extra funds- I'd be lining up one on order. It's a winner, I like the dimensions of it and the new CMOS sensor really performs. It is also optimized for Still images, like my Nikon Df. It makes a difference when having to accommodate Video for the electronics.

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