M2 in black and white

Jan 20, 2014
Launceston & Sydney
Nick Clark
A random collection of black and white shot recently with my M2. Mostly 400TX with one sneaky monochrome conversion of Portra 160 :)

Jan, Darling Harbour - CV 35mm Color Skopar

Nana - CV 35mm Color Skopar

Wild weather (look closely for the horizontal sleet), near Marions Lookout - CV 35mm Color Skopar

Selfie - Leica 90mm Tele Elmarit

Jan - Leica 90mm Tele Elmarit

Phone time - Leica 90mm Tele Elmarit

Construction - CV 35mm Color Skopar


Jun 30, 2012
Welcome to the M club Nick! I just started shooting an M6 myself with mostly B&W film so I'm in a similar boat.

Are you developing your own film or sending it out? I decided the only way I could make it economical enough to shoot standard B&W film nowadays was to develop and digitize it myself, which adds to the challenges but also the fun :biggrin:

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