Leica M3 in the Himalayas in 1979 (further photographs added Thur 17th May)


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Nov 12, 2010
This was already my favorite set of photos on SC, and it just got better. Thanks for this really interesting addition! :2thumbs:


Apr 2, 2011
Barrie these are as good documentary and portrait shots as one could hope to find anywhere - or by anybody. Rosie Kerr and the assistant chef are such fine images they ought to be on a gallery wall.Your skill with "people shots" was clear from the SiJ , but now it's obvious this wasn't a newly-acquired ability.
That's true! Marvelous pictures ~ wonderful window into lives! thank you so very much...



Dec 8, 2011
Cotswolds, UK
A great set of documentary images that may well prove of interest to a trekking organisation / museum.

Great camera to capture them with as well, if only they made them like that nowadays rather than something weighing the same, costing 5 times as much yet without a 5 fold improvement in IQ + a shorter shelf life!

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