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My charger has stopped working - I'm currently in India which has no dealers - any tips for substitutes etc?

I googled this:
charge lithium ion battery without charger

I know of universal chargers or methods, but I know you have to get the plus/minus terminals correct in order to prevent a fire or explosion, so anyway check it out...
You can look at your charger to see which pins are marked + and Negative. Assuming Pin 1 is on the Left of the charger, + is pin 2 and - is on the farthest right- pin 3. The batter has slots for 6 pins. Pins 1 and 2 line up with the left most slots as you place the battery in the charger, pin 3 lines up with slots 6 of the battery.

I've "hot-wired" a charger for a Lithium Pack before- you must be very careful to not let it overheat. That left-most pin, pin 1, tells the Leica charger when to quit. The pack is 3.7v, meaning you should use slightly higher Voltage to charge- like 4.5v or so. I would buy two of those cell-phone back-up battery chargers that themselves charge off a USB port. Get two, cut up the cord on one to bring the power out to the Leica battery. The back-up battery pack will run out before damage can occur to the Leica battery.

2600mAh USB Portable External Backup Battery Charger Power Bank for cell phone

Is there any chance that an Internet dealer can over-night a new charger to you?
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Hello, Relatively new lithium ion charger is not working, battery remains at 45% and this is new battery for m240. Any ideas? I need to check warranty info too. Thanks.


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Are both the battery and charger made by Leica? I've found that third party batteries do not play well with smart chargers, and vice-versa.
Brian, Yes. and because the batteries last so long the charger has not had much use. I may order a spare and see if it is the charger.


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Brian, magic happens sometimes, I took a few minutes and pressed the batteries in and out forcing the contacts and it worked. Both batteries now 100%.

Another question for readers - what is the best method for sensor cleaning? I have one spot that is annoying. thanks in advance.
First try a good squeeze type blower, the Giottos "Rocket" type have a filter for the air intake. I've used a standard type bulb blower, no brush. Open the shutter in "Sensor Clean Mode" and see if it will just bow off. If that does not work, I use the Eclipse wet-cleaner and wipes.

If you use older lenses, change lenses often- make sure the mount of the lens is clean. I cut way down on debris getting into the camera by making sure the threads of my older Thread Mount lenses are clean, and mount them on the M adapter before putting onto the camera.


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I also recommend using some contact cleaner from time to time. DeOxIt is my particular favorite. It removes invisible debris and oxidation that can really mess with communication between lenses and bodies, and batteries and chargers. Use it sparingly though - a very small amount on a small tip (such as eye shadow applicators) goes a long way. For what it's worth, this has solved over 90% of my otherwise unexplainable camera behaviors.
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