Mac Mini Hardware Configuration


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The Netherlands
Is following hardware configuration possible?

Mac Mini is connected to outlet socket 230 VAC.

Mac Mini is connected with 1 cable to monitor.
This cable is for data and power supply.
No extra cable neded for 230 VAC supply.

Wireless mouse and keyboard via bluetooth connected with Mac Mini.

Any pros and contras?

Thanks for replies.

Best regards, Herman
If it's USB-C connecting to the monitor, and the monitor supports being powered over USB-C, then it should work. I don't really see a con. I wasn't sure that any monitors supported receiving power from something else, but rather they can supply power to another device, namely laptops. For example, my ASUS monitor has USB-C, and it can both send power to, and receive a display signal from, my HP work laptop, and the monitor can also pass a second display signal out to another monitor via Display Port. It also has a USB hub and USB-A ports, so the monitor itself does a good deal of the work.