Apple MacBook with Retina - Helpful for image processing?


May 6, 2011
Despite popular opinion, screens with full AdobeRGB coverage are more pain than gain, so to speak. Apple's Retina screens have 100% sRGB coverage and that's how it should be.
I would have to agree with this. As much as I personally love having an aRGB gamut monitor I think most people are better off with sRGB. The only reason I keep mine is for printing as I get a better screen/print match to my 3880. A well calibrated sRGB scree in all that most people need.



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May 13, 2013
This led me to wondering what the rest of you see ??? Is it outline or do you get the right side filled in?
I see details from all angles but there are definitely areas w/o details (I did not download the photo and looked at full size). I do use a calibrated EIZO 30" CG301W screen for photo editing. Problem of course, is that things may look great on my screen but not on yours and vice versa. So I convert to sRGB and use my ipad to double check if photos look reasonably similar. If I am in a patient mood, I also use multiple browsers and macbook to check

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