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Doesn't seem to be possible to buy from the website anymore but some components are still available on the App Store under Macphun. I was using Intensify, Noiseless and Tonality before Luminar was created and I have gone back to them. Intensify, Noiseless and Snapheal are still available, Tonality seems to have been pulled which is a shame because its really very good.

Here's what Intensify looks like... this is the CK version, I don't recall if the app store version is crippled in some way but I don't think it is. It works as a plugin but also can be a standalone editor. Always "export" or your original will be changed. The presets are not really exciting but some may prefer them, and as with many of these apps, you can create your own.



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I love messing about with Intensify. I layer up effects, with each one usually at about 30%. The pity is that you can’t then save that stack of effects as a custom effect.

The good point about using these as plugins within Photos is that you can always revert to the original in Photos if you have made a mess of it!

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