Film Macro Bellows for Slide Copying


Probably Not Walter Kernow
Anyone use a Macro Bellows for slide or negative imaging ?

I've seen a good deal on a Olympus Macro Bellows with Slide Copy attachment - like this - Slide Copier – Olympus OM macrophoto group

I'll use it with a micro-four-thirds camera and OM mount 50mm f3.5 Zuiko Macro lens. But - reading Alans article he says -

"It is not possible to copy a whole 24×36mm slide using a 50mm lens with an APS-C digital SLR because the magnification is too high, even with the minimum bellows extension."

Presumably with a M43 camera this will be worse (eg essentially unusable) ?


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Think about it… a µ4/3rds camera has a sensor half the size of the film that the OM bellows and slide duplicator was designed to work with. That means you'll image just half the whole slide.

The problem is not enough length, in either the main bellows, or in the shorter bellows that connects the main bellows to the film stage. If you can lengthen either of those by 100%, you can image an entire slide on µ4/3rds.

I've modified the slide duplicator for a Nikon PB-4 bellows so that it is twice as long, and am able to copy slides that way.