Fuji macro-,selftimer- and Q-menu button locked!?


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Jun 14, 2014
hello ,

I'm boudy from Holland and have the X-20 now for about 2 months.
Take very sharp,nice pictures whith this camera even in low light conditions.

I love the camera; I have the black/silver version, so retro look.

Bought the camera online (new), via not official import, so an user manual in Dutch or English were not included,
just Korean.

By the way: the menu's on the body are in many languages, including Dutch.

But since about a week, when i want to the Q-menu, or push the macro-button, or selftimer-button,
the display shows that these are locked, so can't go into that settings.
I don't understand it. :confused:

Maybay anybody knows what i did wrong?

I downloaded a PDF manual,but can't find something about this.

It's probably a setting, but i can't find it.

thanxx anyway and sorry for my no so good english,

best regards,



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Jun 14, 2014
hello people,

I've just find the solution about the Q menu-,macro- and selftimer button on DPreview.

Thankxx DPReview!!

It's the menu/ok button press and hold for several seconds; than you deactivate the locked setting.
And visa versa.

The focus switch at the front in AF-S.

Again; could not find it on the PDF manual, strange..

So, it's not a software problem or another mistake.
It's just a setting; how stupid of me..

Thanxx anyway, i'm happy,


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