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I haven't done too much macro shooting with this camera, but a good friend of mine is interested. He's got the X100 but he's quite new to digital. I'm going to ask him for some more details on what his challenges are, but in the meantime I wanted to ask you all who are into macro how you use the camera.

I know that Ray explained how he uses the X100:

There's been a bit of discussion and confusion about the macro mode and also about using the AEL/AFL button to lock exposure. After playing with it a while, I've taken to using the camera in manual focus mode and setting the AFL/AEL button to "AF lock only". This way, I've separated the focus from the exposure setting (with the exposure set to the half press shutter button position), I've gotten the focus off of the shutter button so I can fire off a few consecutive shots in the same focal plane without the camera having to refocus, AND I've eliminated the need to ever change into macro mode. The camera will focus down to macro levels in manual focus mode using the AEL/AFL button without changing modes. You do have to use the rear screen or the evf to see the object come into focus at very close distances, but it doesn't require using switching to macro mode. So, staying in MF and using the AFL/AEL button to focus eliminates the need to switch to macro mode for close work and allows the most flexibility in focussing - you can use it to AF on every shot, you can use it to AF but not refocus between a set of quick shots in the same basic focal plane, you always have he DOF showing so its a quick and easy way to use the camera for zone focussing when the lighting is right and you have an adequately small aperture. I always like to be able to separate AF from AE and generally have liked being able to get the focus off of the shutter button (I had my EP2 set up in essentially the same way most the time). And you've also got the ability to hit the command control thing to magnify the view and actually use the manual focus ring to fine tune (which I rarely use, but might on close work or in low light).

This may not be everyone's favorite setup, but I've come to like it a lot. The only downside I've found is that the focus box doesn't turn green to verify focus in this mode, so you have to trust the camera a bit more. This can be a bit of an issue in low light or really close work, but you can always just use the manual focus and the magnifier in those situations to fine tune.


Does anyone else use the Macro icon with auto focus and if so - do you find that using f/4 is the way to go? I feel as though I've read something about that somewhere.

My friend seemed to say that he was having trouble seeing the auto focus working and he definitely had the lens wide open. He was using the LCD and when he would try to focus the camera would go in, focus but then go past what he was focusing on and then come back out and everything would be blurry. He is, as I said, very new to digital. He is not new to photography, however.