Making a family addition

Nov 11, 2011
Milwaukee, WI USA
My only words of advice would be that if they are not going to be working dogs or get SERIOUS exercise, that you really think hard about your preference for a companion animal. My sister-in-law had a magnificent German Shorthair that was one of favorite dogs ever. But when her schedule changed and she no longer was able to wear him out every day, he became a nervous wreck. She got him some ProZac which helped a little, but they are high energy dogs and deserve to get major exercise.

The Brittanys are more likely a better choice if you're not a hunter and won't be running their legs off.

But whatever your choice, I find that the company of a dog is one of the greatest feelings I know. Walks together,'s all good.

Can't wait to see photos of your new family member (or members ;) )

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