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Jan 2, 2011
I still don't understand this idea that the forum lacks "substance" or that there are too many "frivolous" threads; I am genuinely baffled by this assertion - I can't see any threads where I would say "this is too trivial to be discussed" (I would not be so arrogant); there are plenty of threads in which I am not interested, but that is quite a different thing (and it's not an "issue" that needs addressing - it's simply a difference of interests)

In both this case - and in the case of the supposed "clique-ish" nature of the forum - there's really nothing for it but to give concrete examples; making quite general comments without offering any supporting evidence evidence just helps no-one. Indeed it is a strong contributing factor to the circularity that Amin mentioned.

So ...
Who is "ignoring" whom?
Who is that feels ignored?
Which threads are frivolous ones?
What constitutes a "substantial" thread?

There is nothing wrong at all with a community looking at itself, in fact it's rather healthy, I think ... but at the moment all we have is a lot of heat being generated and no light


Jul 7, 2010
The flip side of this question is "what are you looking for in a Forum".

"Expectations Management" is critical in enjoying a site. This forum tends to be more relaxed, share images from everyday life, pick up some useful information. I had never heard of the 30/1.9 Hexanon before. It might make a good conversion project, stumble across one at a good price.

I have been on forums where the members seem to enjoy contradicting every fact posted, engaging in rude and insulting behavior, and touting brand snobbery. There are plenty of those forums out there.

I've been on Amin's forums from just about the beginning. He set them up as a place to relax, and get away from what seems to be the norm for Internet forums. It is a refreshing change.


Aug 13, 2011
Sunny Frimley
Bill Palmer
This strikes me (and I have seen it before) as something of an EQ vs IQ debate. The right brain, IQ-dominant types want facts with no frippery. They are interested in the optics and technology before the image. They view the forum - any forum - as a source of information - data - first and foremost. They are actively irritated by levity and social lubrication because it gets in the way of information gathering.

In the opposite corner we have the left brain, EQ-dominant types, who view the forum as somewhere to drop into with a coffee at their elbow and a smile on their face. They enjoy levity and social interaction - it energies them in the same way as it is like Kryptonite to their opposite numbers. They will likely have joined for a similar reason - the acquisition, proposed or actual, of a new piece of kit has driven them to seek a source of information. They will, however, go on to engage in other topics, because they enjoy the interaction and the "atmosphere" it engenders. They are more likely to display a higher degree of "stickyness" - they will stay around and, by virtue of being more extrovert, will "say" more, further drowning out the more introverted seekers of the truth.

No extreme is ideal, of course, and the key is tolerance - I ignore the cat threads, for instance, but I am well aware that they energise some and I would not criticise for that. Equally I glaze over when the discussion gets too technical - I shall wait for the executive summary, thank you very much.

I joined because I had recently acquired a Ricoh and I wanted to interact with and learn from others in the same boat. I have stayed because I like the people. I don't think I have been here long enough to have joined a "clique" but I have joined in, by entering the weekly competition and the SIJ initiative and by starting threads about things that interest me and, I hope, interest others. I don't take life, or myself, too seriously, and I know that can irritate some, but I regard that as their problem not mine ;)


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Aug 25, 2010
S W France
This subject is really getting tedious ............. yawn there a serious point of substance

nothing wrong with this forum (for me)

storm in a teacup from "god know who"

most don't see any problem - it is what we want

most of the people and some of the time complex

the agent provocateurs should go and join the peace corps and save the world ...Afghanistan needs you ....... but they will be useless at that as well ....... so just go and troll the internet and annoy some other unsuspecting forum
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