Pentax Manchester United vs Juventus (Gary Neville's Testimonial), K5 + many pics warning!


Hi everyone, sorry this is looooooong over due - as are a few hundred more photo uploads and edits.

But I've had a busy few months with assignments, exams, graduation and celebrations... and now job hunting!

So anyway on the 24.05.11, it was Gary Neville's Testimonial match - aka Manchester United vs Juventus. As well as it being Gary Neville's final match playing for Manchester United, it was also special because it featured a lot of the class of '92 - a famous team who passed through Manchester United's youth ranks and went on to win numerous trophies. In particularly the match featured: Giggs, Scholes, Beckham (who traveled all the way from America!), Butt, Gary and Phil Neville.

Normally I talk alot about the kit I use, but this time I just want to share the photos ;-) - Enjoy!


On the way to Old Trafford by VinceChu89, on Flickr


IMGP2605 by VinceChu89, on Flickr

Me (second left) and my friends - with the match programme at half time.

CHECK OUT THE GUY WITH THE WHITE AND RED SCARF IN THE BACKGROUND - his expression creeps me out somehow!


IMGP2611 by VinceChu89, on Flickr


Man Utd Supporting Couple by VinceChu89, on Flickr

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The Theatre of Dreams Before the Evening Commences by VinceChu89, on Flickr


Gary Neville Presentation 2/2 by VinceChu89, on Flickr


A Photo of a Photo Being Taken #1/2 by VinceChu89, on Flickr


The Manchester United Starting XI by VinceChu89, on Flickr


Del Piero Takes a Shot on Goal by VinceChu89, on Flickr


Two Veterans, Beckham and Del Piero, Sharing a Moment by VinceChu89, on Flickr


Offside? Who? Me!? by VinceChu89, on Flickr
The usual player vs referee decision arguments ;-)


Manchester United Scores! by VinceChu89, on Flickr
This was a lucky photo, the fan jumped up and framed the shot for me when Manchester United scored... unforturnately his right arm is blocking the ball in the back of the net!


Owen just glances over the post... by VinceChu89, on Flickr


Beckham Bending Over! by VinceChu89, on Flickr
How many of you can say you've photographed Beckham's bum!? I CAN :D


Beckham Lines Up a Corner by VinceChu89, on Flickr
Check out all the eyes and cameras on him!


Beckham Takes a Corner by VinceChu89, on Flickr


Juventus on the Attack by VinceChu89, on Flickr


Beckham's Trade Mark Pose (Beckham's Free Kick #3/4) by VinceChu89, on Flickr
Beckham's trade mark kicking pose, with his outstretched arm.


Beckham's Free Kick #4/4 by VinceChu89, on Flickr


Juventus Score their Second Goal 1/2 by VinceChu89, on Flickr
The ball went in, off the post. This photo shows the ball stuck to the post on it's way in... its too bad I lifted my finger off the shutter because I was disappointed with the goal, and didn't get the ball resting in the back of the net.


It's A Pitch Invasion! by VinceChu89, on Flickr


Give us a hug! or Come to Daddy? or Come to Becks? by VinceChu89, on Flickr


Handshakes and Goodbyes by VinceChu89, on Flickr


Clearing out... (Original) by VinceChu89, on Flickr


Old Trafford 2 by VinceChu89, on Flickr


You have confirmed my personal opinion of UK football,...which is why I NEVER waste my time on it!

You should have stayed at home and shot photos of you interesting friends because they shine out of these pix and you would have probably got some excellent portraits,.....the girl is pretty and the lad in the blue shirt just radiates character!


Bugleone - I'll try and upload my portraits of my friends later - do have some interesting portraits indeed, however I'll need to ask their permission first.

Olli Thanks , I'll give it a shot :) Edit: had to think twice about why for number 19 :D haha
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