Fuji Manual focuser has it pretty well with Fuji?

Apr 2, 2018
Yesterday I happened to browse the showcases for 7artisans 25mm f/1.8 and the Mitakon Speedmaster 35/0.95. Both are to my surprise usably sharp wide open, and overall look like stellar performers! Portrait options won't end any time soon as there's this huge wealth of 50-58 mm lenses ready to be adapted.

And if you stay with the native lenses, you get nice hybrid AF/MF modes of operation.

If there's something to criticize about, it's that only the X-T series of bodies has this Dual View -- it certainly is something that I feel is big enough a thing not to miss while in Fujiland. The X-Pro2's ERF could also work, if it didn't introduce additional shutter lag.


May 2, 2017
Don't leave out the 7artisans 35mm f1.2. My favorite lens. IMO, for the most part anyway, the image quality of the first gen bodies xe1, xpro1,xm1 is still pretty on par with the latest sensors. If you use a manual lens all the modern AF advancements are useless.
Apr 2, 2018
If you use a manual lens all the modern AF advancements are useless.
Well the new bodies are more than just AF advancements. MF magnification as an aid is not my first choice because the view becomes too wobbly and it's so easy to lose my place in the photo. Much prefer any options that let me accurately focus while seeing the whole frame. It is this demand where the biggest and sharpest EVFs are most useful over the older technology -- X-T3 should be, judging by the specs, way easier and more comfortable to focus with. Of course the EVF of X-T1 is also very usable too so in that regard yes, you don't need the best and newest.

But I'm not sure I'd go with X-E1 or X-Pro1 with manual focusing in mind...
I use an X-E2 most of the time with my 7a 25mm. Admittedly, with full magnification on when focusing there are some wobbles visible but nothing that keeps me from getting an accurate focus most of the time. At least no more so than with a Summarit or Zeiss lens on my CL. Again for $79. the 7a 25mm is really amazing and with an XF mount no need for yet another adapter.
Downside(s) of the lens? If I had to make a "Con" list it would be that the focus ring is a bit mushy at its full extension both ways and there are no click stops. But for the performance and the cost, I can easily look past the "shortcomings".
'Just thinking out loud here. Good luck.
. . . David
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