Leica Manual Lens Selection


Apr 11, 2013
San Francisco
I recently picked up a used CV 12mm F3.5 and a elmarit 21mm f2.8 (ASPH), neither of which are 6 bit coded. I searched the internet and it looks like I should manually select for the elmarit 21mm f2.8 (11135) when using either of these lenses on the M9 or M-E. However there are at least 2 or 3 additional options under the elmarit 21mm f2.8 (one specifically for ASPH), however none of these options were mentioned in my internet search.

Is there a better option than the 11135 that I should try when using either of these lenses? With the CV 12mm on my M-E the color shift is pretty noticable when using the 11135 option, I'm not sure if that's just the nature of this UWA or if a better option might handle the color shift more adequately. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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