Maybe rule out the Nikon d600


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I wonder if that is just the currency conversion, Japan market pricing (not sure if that is normally higher), or maybe a kit?

I always wondered if $1500 for the body was optimistic, but it wouldn't make much much sense to have it priced so closely to the D800?


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$2800 when the D800 is selling for $3000? They might as well not launch it then.
I could see $2000 or even $2200 though.

I bet it ends up around $2000-2500 as a D700 replacement. I think some people don't want to mess with 36MP files. I didn't get a D800 because of that. I had actually sold my D700 but backed out because it. That's an awful lot of memory/megapixels for someone who never prints bigger than 12 X 18. I would definitely get a D800 before spending $3000+ on a Sony fixed lens camera and clip on EVF though. I think the Sony looks like a great camera, but unless you have a lot of disposable income it's hard to see a cost benefit ratio vs. a FF DSLR even if it is smaller. For me, Fuji got it about right in terms of price, quality, and features with this type of camera.

I do think at $1500 they would have to open a new factory to keep up with demand. There are a lot of DLSR users who want a FF camera. After using a D700 for awhile I wouldn't hesitate to pay $1500 for a Nikon or Canon FF body. They have the lenses for it.


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My only interest was as a digital back on 6 old Nikkor F lenses. At that price, I shan't buy it. The older lenses will happily wait 12 months until a FF interchangeable lens compact comes in for less money. In the meanwhile I will buy the Sony e mount 35mm f1.8, possibly a 50 as well. This will keep me going for most of my work.


It might not actually be affordable. This is the second rumor ive seen for a $2800 price tag

This is the rumored Japanese price and Japanese prices are much higher than those in the USA or in Europe. Expect a price of about 2000$ in the USA.

By the way, there is no reason to assume that this consumer camera costs the same as the much more sophisticated pro D800.

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