Meetup MEETUP! Austin, TX - Sunday 2/9/14


Mar 3, 2013
Austin, TX
Hey guys!
I'm a fairly active member of serious compacts and mu-43 as Bokeaji and Gubrz, and am getting a couple guys together for some shooting sunday. super casual wander about and meet new people type of thing. thought id post it up on all the sister sites and see if anyone would like to join us!

Last-ish second post to see if anyone wants to go shooting Sunday in Austin. Supposedly it'll be 62degrees. Open on specific location, or we can wander! If you have any interest, post up!

A couple guys form mu-43 have joined up. well be meeting at starbucks on congress/5th at 3pm. prolly leave there at 3:30 and start wandering around. feel free to stop by, even if its just to say hi!

Thanks so much!


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