Fuji Showcase Meike 35mm f1.7 - Fuji Mount

We've been very busy around home for the last few weeks. 'Just dawned on me that I hadn't posed some images I took with a then new Meike 35mm f1.7 Fuji mount lens. Another $79. exceptional lens - MeikeMK-35mm f/1.7 Lens for FUJIFILM X.
Very impressed so far. Very sharp, nice image rendering and good bokeh with a bit of character. 'Thought I'd share. Pardon the snow images. Fortunately most of it is now gone. Also I tend to test new cameras and lenses with a set of "usual suspects". That is images indoors and outdoors I have shot numerous times before since I sorta' know what to expect.
. . . David
Meike - 35mm f1.7 Lens.jpg

Meike - 35mm f1.7-3.jpg

Darlene - Meike - 35mm f1.7 Lens.jpg

Meike - 35mm f1.7 Lens - Outdoors-2.jpg
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Hi René - The manual focussing on the X-E2 is very good and in some ways seems easier to me then manual focussing lenses on the Leica CL. Same concept with tight digital zoom-in.
The issue I have had with the X-Pro1 and manual focus lenses is that when digitally zoomed in to get a focus the EVF appears to have refresh issues. This is true with any manual focus lens I have used with the X-Pro1 That is, if you move the camera a bit to adjust your framing when digitally zoomed in the EVF has a difficult time "catching up". On the X-E2 the doesn't seem to be a problem. It could be my copy of the camera, not sure.
By the way, I don't use peaking, just optically looking for a sharp edge where I want the focus to be.
In my opinion, this lens and the 7a 25mm f1.8 are both very strong optically. For $79. new they are hard to argue about. ;-). Good luck.
. . . David

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