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john m flores

Aug 13, 2012
I'm semi-lazy, so after years of not keeping a website up to date, I created a new one:

john m flores - photography, video

The cool thing is that each of the "folios" is linked to one of my Flickr sets. So whenever I want to update the photos on my site, I just go into Flickr and add and delete photos from the related sets.

It's not perfect - portrait photos are oddly cropped sometimes, and the navigation doesn't work on the iPad - but it's better than nothing.

I also, of course, have, which is neglected at the moment because I have too much life....

john m flores

Aug 13, 2012
What a great idea!

Had a look at the source file... did you write the script? or is it a downloadable. I love the way its displayed the Flickr stuff!
I didn't write the script; the developer's name should be in the page source code somewhere. If you can't find it, let me know and I'll look for it.

John, I love seeing those images full screen....looks great here at work. But do they have to randomly crop your excellent photos?!
Yeah, the cropping is the biggest issue for me. But with people viewing websites with everything from iPhones to desktops (and in browser windows of various sizes) it's hard to come up with simple solution. It can be done, but it's not simple.


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Jul 30, 2013
Hello all :)

I have a photography blog, which I started when I moved to Japan and started using the NEX series of cameras. I just bought an RX1, so I have an even more compact camera to shoot with :)

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