memento mori ...


I bought this mixing bowl at the old Elizabeth David cookshop (Covent Garden) in the mid-1980s; it still has the price sticker on (£4.80) and managed to survive 25 years of moves and racketing about unscathed, before I chipped it in the sink a few years ago here. I slammed the cupboard door in which it is stored tonight and it cracked clean in two.
Irreplaceable - I can't find another like it

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damn by _loupe, on Flickr

... and yes, I do know my sink needs cleaning, thanks


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Suomi - you've lost me. Ketamine I can do. Excellent knocker-outer of small bitey things! You have to make sure that they stay asleep past the pink elephants stage though or it all goes a bit wrong.

For the great pottery disaster I recommend Araldite, I've stuck lots of heavy duty things back together with it.


all things have their time, BB, and clearly it was this one's ... which is a roundabout way of saying, I shan't be making the effort ...


having said that, a forum member has kindly offered to have a sniff around a particular kitchen shop to se if they're still available ... :)
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