Micro 4/3 MF lenses with EM-5 focal length setting ??

Paul A

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I have Hex 57mm 1.2 (AR) and an EM-5.
the adapter is not here yet....just trying to get some homework done prior to.
I can not select "57mm" with the EM-5 (IS+Info). The closest choice is 55mm.
What is the consensus with this situation?
Go with the EM-5's "55mm" choice or turn off IS?
also... i read Radioactive lenses - Camerapedia ) that some manufacturer's of these "hot" lenses used up to 30%(by weight) of thorium oxide while others used lanthanum with thorium mixed in. these lanthanum based lenses can be 1/10 000 less radioactive.
anyone know what category our lovely Hex AR 57mm 1.2 belong to (mine is s# 7509xxx).
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