Micro four thirds and Nikon user


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Hi there,
I've been a member of mu-43 forum for ~2 years, and primarily interested in wildlife and bird photography. It's been about 3 years since I started bird watching, and traveling/hiking to find out birds is a lot of fun! If I can get a nice picture, it drives me even further. So, I use photography as a driving force to go out for bird watching.

I posted some bird images in mu-43 forum from my non-m43 cameras, but always felt slightly guilty even mu-43 is very open minded (and friendly) place. I find camaraderie is probably more appropriate place if I want to focus on the bird photography, not about the gear used to take them. So, I wanted to move my main play ground over here.

Anyway, nice to meeting you all, and I'm looking forward to joining/posting images/discussions.