Micro Four-Thirds With 600mm Vs. Superzoom With 1200mm


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I would need a Sherpa to lug that for me!:biggrin:

Cheers, Jock

I've been training my wife …….. but I need a younger model with less miles

(better not let her see this)

It is a very heavy brute, (too heavy for an old git like me), especially with the tripod and gimbal …. and because of this I am not too sure that it will last too long ……. although it is perfect on the mornings I take my early morning cup of tea into the garden.

I am testing it again the 300mm f2.8 + TC20Elll which gives 600mm at f5.6 but initial tests show that the IQ is not quite as good as the straight 600mm
The 300mm f2.8 VR is manageable and I like the lens a lot.

But I can use the TC14Ell on the 600mm which gives me 600 x 1.4 x 1.5 with the Nikon DX Body = 1250mm at f5.6 and the IQ is pretty good ……. I can be 30 meters away and still get a good record shot of a bird.

I have been looking at the Sony FX mirror-less bodies as their lenses are good and the DSLR "mirror slap" vibration would then be eliminated … it can be annoying at low shutters speed with the 600mm if you do not get your technique right, (which I don't most of the time), I have also found that the neoprene covering has helped to dampen the vibration.

I will get out next week when I am back in France, leaves off the trees, so I'm hoping for a few good shots if the light is good.

Not taken many shots but the following are the best I have taken to date with the 600mm + D7100 - not sure of the distances, but not as near as I usually get - I think that the last two were well out in the lake on a nature reserve

(not trying to Hijack the thread - please excuse me)




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