Micro 4/3 Mid Winter daylight photos from today


Despite being fooled into buying a egregiously over priced camera with an obsolete sensor and crippled with nasty kit lenses, I struggled to come up with some almost tolerable photos today. Please excuse my botannical inexactitudes as I can only recognise two types of vegetation: grass or trees ...:p

A tree that thinks it is spring already


A flower that thinks it is spring


A sparrow that is waiting for spring


A pretty blue flower



Sorry for being so obtuse!

Very nice images and great composition. What camera/lens combo did you use?

After reading all the hate mail on the DPReview site on the PEN E-P3 review, I thought everyone would realise I had taken the pictures on my E-P3 !:eek:

The two tree shots were with the M.Zuiko 40-150 zoom, both at 150 at about f5.6 and the others on the 14-42. I was especially pleased with the whitish-yellowish flower picture (not a botanist!) as many have said this lens is rather poor at close ups.
And I discovered the level function, so I'll be saving myself some cropping problems in future from tilting horizons. All shot on RAW file and basically converted to jpeg & resized.
Thanks for the kind words.