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I know that some don't care for his style, and my own preferences in photography are mostly very different from his. But I personally always found his writings on photography much more profound and way better articulated than any other publicly available photography site I came across - not just dishing out old clichés with only skin deep explanations behind them, but real critical examination of motivations and processes.

Coupled with his technical know-how and inside knowledge from several camera manufacturers, this also made him an excellent reviewer, but it's his writing on the motivations and process of photography that taught me the most.

I'll miss having new pieces of well-written thoughts to pour over, but since he feels he doesn't have much more to say, I guess it's inevitable. At least the website will stay online for the forseeable future.


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Interesting that he's going to stop blogging (basically says he has nothing left to say), but he did note "at peak, there were nearly a quarter of a million unique visitors every month." I wonder if, like everything else "traditional" photography-related, his audience has dropped off.

He's an interesting dude. He references one of his other businesses here: About Us

I wish I had even a fractional ounce gram of his drive and creativity!

p.s. - it is a long read, but an interesting one.

Also, at the very end he announces 50% off for his online courses. I've never taken his courses, and likely won't here either, but for those who may be interested, his link is in bold blue towards the bottom of his blog entry.
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I know Ming in person, and as much as I understand his take on things and his decision, this really hit me. I value him as an educator as well as a very nice person. Not that I hadn't feared this was coming ... but to read it stated so clearly felt like a serious blow, in spite of the fact that he has been scaling back his site for some time now ... On the other hand, he's still around, and he still enjoys photography - so, he's not really "gone", he's just putting this huge project of his to rest. As he is entitled to do. And if anyone ever deserved a rest, it's him.



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I always remember his PP being off the scale, here was a guy able to make an iPhone 5 image better than what us mere mortals would be able to produce with a Phase One camera. So much so that when I would see one of his impressive images I would always think "Ah, but that's him...we can't do that....so it doesn't really count".

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