Could be worthwhile defining what we mean by Minimalism. My own interpretation is the stripping away of extraneous unnecessary details. In writing it is the avoidance of too many adjectives and information. Visually and literally for me It’s Something as pure and simple as you can make it.

Less is More a quote attributed to Mies Van de Rohe who actually borrowed it from someone else and made it his own.

Mies quoted this phrase to a client who complained about the design she was given. She replied in a letter My dear Mies …“Less is simply Less”

So it doesn’t suit everyone then.

Others have turned the phrase around – Less is a Bore. Less for More. More for Less.

And then we have “More or less” which predates them all

Minimalism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia a good read.
Or maybe minimal might be minimizing the impact of any given object by surrounding it in some way so that it doesn't stand out. I suppose it would be easy to go too far with that and kill the meaning entirely, so that's a risk....


Here's another from "8 tips to becoming excellent at minimalist photography":

Here's an interesting example from Wikipedia:

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May 31, 2015
Espoo, Finland
I find the composition minimal, but to me the texture is a bit busy. Anyway, it's one of those crane like personnel lifts shot from below.

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