Minimalism and abstract


I can't believe we've got so far without a "minimalism" image thread ... on Flickr, the "minimalist" groups are often rather intensely filtered by admins, but we don't do that here ... so you are invited to be intensely self-critical before posting an image :)

I like the approach and you've now got me I've never really heard of the Minimialist 'craze' before.....hope it's nothing like planking ;)

Great shot, the only C+C I can give - if your willing to hear it - is that the white join line on the right of the images does not appear to be parallel with the frameline. I suppose being so minimal that little fraction out becomes noticeable. I suppose that's the hard thing wit the genre, it looks unforgiving.

But, again, thanks for sharing. I'll definitely keep my eye out.
Sorry mate I wasn't having a go. Also I was not talking about the symmetry - which would have distracted from this shot - but more the composition in respect to the parallel. Anyway, just an observation, but certainly not to take anything away from the image. The takeaway was of the genre which obviously is not as easy as guys, like yourself, make it look.
I love minimalism in photography. Wonder if the following would qualify...