Minimalism and abstract


East Frisia, Germany
Michael, goes by "oppi"
almost zero time to look at, click on or take pictures
but here is one
EM532647 (2)_o.jpg
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@Clix Pix
You can’t just post and run with an image like that!!!
Please tell us about it.

It is amazing what light can do when it is being playful. I had been shooting macros of lilies that were in a Waterford crystal pitcher that I was using as a vase, and I noticed how if I just forgot about the flowers and instead began experimenting with what can happen when there is sunlight streaming in the window, hitting that beautifully-cut crystal and light bouncing around all over the place depending upon how I angled the camera and lens. I had so much fun! The sun played with the light as it hit the glass, refracting the light, producing the most intriguing shapes and creating a prism effect with colors.... Along with that came the shadows...the highlights and the surprising patterns.... Yeah, I think this is pretty cool! The high reflectivity of the water-filled pitcher, along with the fact that it was positioned near a window which in itself could also add a little reflectivity and which also has a screen in it contributed to the magic and became a source of even more pattern.

Another image from the same shooting session has much more green in it, due to the green stems of the flowers which were still in the pitcher:

Light Bouncing Around.jpeg
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