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@Apollo T.

It is what was salvageable from yet another impro. terrace shoot. Horsing around with manual exposures just to see how it fared sans tripod. The whole idea was somewhat to see what I could do brightening it in LR, and that is the result.

I somewhat like to experiment with proccessing "failed" shots, even though this was done somewhat intentionally, some of them yields something interesting with heavy proccessing, some dont.

This one is the reference shot, done in "A" priority to see where it was at:
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Its 8 seconds handheld, so I knew it would turn out as an ICM, but perhaps not ICM as in Intentional Camera Movement, more like Inevitable. What was not visible in the scene was the light pollution colouring the clouds, so heavy pushing and pulling brought forth the those.

What I probably should have done different was running the ISO way up or let rip in uncapped Auto ISO, but hey-ho, some habits are hard to break. I`ll see what the coming night might bring. :unsure: :2thumbs: