Leica Showcase Minolta Chiyoko 3.5cm F3.5 in Leica Thread Mount


Product of the Fifties
This lens came out in 1956 and features "multi-layer achromatic coating". This lens is rare, meaning a few hundred made in Leica mount. It was also available in Minolta's proprietary mount for the Super-35.


This is the last lens that I needed to complete a collection of Minolta LTM lenses, and it is the most rare of the bunch.


I found one on Ebay, complete with caps and case- and it is in beautiful condition.

I wanted to use it at a park, and today Nikki and I went up to Leesylvania State PArk for a nice long walk.
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The lens is sharp wide-open, is is a Tessar formula lens like the 3.5cm F3.5 Elmar and Nikkor. On par with the Nikkor that I have, which is much better than the Nikkor 3.5cm F3.5 that I had over 15 years ago. The latter was soft wide-open, but the 1949 Nikkor I have is good. I need to test the two side-by-side, but the Minolta is good.

This lens is best left for collectors, unless you find one at a good price. I could have bought the Summaron for less. This lens was more than a Nikkor 3.5cm F2.5 and Canon 35/1.8. But- I wanted this lens, it's a piece of history with multi-coated optics and completes my collection.

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