Minolta Maxxum 7D - worth an experiment in 2022?

Appreciate the additional info. Don't think I've ever seen an AF reflex...will definitely keep an eye out for that! Sounds like fun. I just checked MPB and KEH and found one copy of the 28-135. It was listed as bargain for $80+.
You should be able to find one in EC on eBay for that much. On the other hand, my 75-300 was rated as 'ugly' and there isn't a thing wrong with it. Usedphotopro usually has a bunch of A-Mounts in stock. Another place to check is Camera Exchange in Michigan.

The 500/8 Minolta was the only 35mm AF Reflex ever made, save the Sony version which was the exact same lens rebranded. Minolta made a 400 too, but it was for that APS film system. Mine was purchased in LN condition with case/caps/hood and both filters. They were sold with 2 rear filters, a clear and an ND that got you to f/16. If you buy one, make sure it has at least the clear filter. You need a filter installed to close-off the opening in the lens. I have heard they work ok with just electrical tape over the opening, but can't attest to it.

Avoid that 35-80 like it has the plague.