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May 31, 2017
Central Florida
Timothy Williams
I am being given two Minolta medium format cameras by my aging brother in law. I know very little to nothing about Minolta medium format. Don't even know the models. Haven't seen him in years but he follows my photography. They didn't make many did they?


Jul 7, 2010
The Minolta Autocord Twin-Lens Reflex cameras are not as common as the Yashica, and are regarded highly. The weak point is the Focus Lever, which can be prone to breaking if the lubricants for the lens(es) gets too stiff.
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May 31, 2017
Central Florida
Timothy Williams
I've still to figure out what to do with the Darkroom equipment I've been given. I have two people that will help but I will have to rent a small place to set this up and do it right. Thought about starting a community Darkroom and Photography club aimed at Seniors. I just don't how much energy ( and money ) I will have left at 65. I think it is a noble idea that is probably doomed before I get it off the ground, but I really would like to give something back to the area.

Les Klein

Dec 10, 2015
Montreal area
re: darkroom equipment. I’m packing mine up to be sold or given away. There are two unfortunate aspects. One is that I live in Montreal and the shipping costs to you would be prohibitive. The other is that I only worked with 35mm negs. The required enlarger and lens for medium format (120 or 220 film) is much greater than my little Durst.

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