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I uploades a 1024x768 pixels image to Minus.
Accordingly I copied/pasted the Minus forum code into this message which resulted into a small image showing up here, not the original size showed up.
Any suggestion(s), tips?
Thanks in advance.


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i posted with the same issue... at your invitation thread.

can anybody help?

today my minus is not functioning properly.
the entire photo is not able to copy over...:confused:

the same photo:-

from minus


from flickr

i also contacted Minus; John Xie had replied my email and
would looking into the issue. i'll keep you guys posted when
i hear from John again.


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Herman, I can't access anything there as I don't have an account.
See the HTML code you posted, well where you copied that link, you might find another marked ... BB code.


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Is this issue still happening/? We updated many things for small bug fixes and more, sorry for the trouble caused!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Hope everyone have a good weekend and a warm thanksgiving.

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Love to hear everyones feedback!

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