Adapted Mirror / Reflex lenses


A few years ago I came across the idea of using a Nikon 500/8 reflex/mirror lens as a cheaper alternative to an expensive autofocus 500mm lens. Since I wasn't going to be using it a LOT, it did not make sense to spend $$,$$$ on a "modern" lens.

Turned out that the Nikon 500/8, even after 40 years, was easy to focus. The lube in the focus mechansim had not dried out and turned solid, unlike some other lenses.
The Nikon fit nicely into my regular camera bag. I did not need a special BIG bag for it, unlike long refractor lenses, AKA a "stovepipe."
With a gimbal head tripod, it worked great for shooting tennis. As long as the player was not coming towards me FAST. The D7200 is not as easy for me to focus fast, as my old F2.

And today, with IBIS, the old lens is stabilized (y)
Although even stabilized, handholding a 500 is difficult. Especially on an Olympus, where with the 2x crop factor, a 500mm lens has 20x magnification.
I've been using my Canon FDn 500mm f8 with a MetaBones Speedbooster Ultra on my Olympus gear with good success because of the IBIS; my next purchase is going to be a Canon R7 (after renting one) to see if that will also work out.

GF-Canon 500mm Mirror Lens.jpg
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