Pentax Mirrorless Pentax K-01


Sunny Frimley
Not sure where to post these as there's no slot just yet.

Shot at Borough Market today, London Bridge, London, using new kit lens 40mm XS (extra small?). Aperture priority f4 (mostly) auto iso. Very pleased as it's a really unobtrusive camera even though it is a bit brick like. I shot all of my photos one handed and whilst the af isn't blazingly fast a la Olympus EP3, it was sufficient to feel pretty snappy.



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Is it me or do these colours look a little Leica like?


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Absolutely love the colours in these, and technically the shots are great. Its the bricklike thing that turns me off owning one. I was all set to buy based on rumours but when I saw it... kak! I've seen some gorgeous shots on PF as well. How are you finding the access door? I believe its concealed under some kind of flap?


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lovely photos - I find pentax is very similar to leica colour i have 3 leica cameras ( not very expensive ones ) and i got a pentax k20d for that very fact that the colour is very film like !
Very impressive first shots - the colours are great. That camera tempts me I must admit. I like its brick-like shape. It means you can easily stand it on it's side and take a slow shutter shot which can prove very handy at times - I hate lugging my tripod round. If I was to buy it I would choose that lens too, seems a great match to me. Must resist though - at least until it drops in price a touch. Keep 'em coming!


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Kyle Krug
Great images, thanks for sharing! Glad to hear that you are enjoying the new cam!

I am liking my K-01 quite a bit also... I picked up the 15mm limited lens to go with it, which I think is just awesome. I went back to a couple spots I know, small landscapes, and did the shots again with the K-01. My jaw just dropped when I saw the output on my home monitor. I am really pleased with the colors and contrast... really rich files. I will try to share some of my images after I figure out this Lightroom/Nik glitch I am having.

A How are you finding the access door? I believe its concealed under some kind of flap?

The access door *is* the flap... it is all one rubber door. I don't mind it, but it is tough to get it perfectly flush after closing... it doesn't seem like it is going anywhere, just not perfectly flush, neat and trim.
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