Mitesh aka Teshi signing in


Hey all

Names Mitesh but pretty much end up going by the name of Teshi. Been shooting for about 6 years now and been through the wars. Been working closely with Sony in various departments so and yeah pretty much a nerd since birth.

Originally started shooting Canon and now moved to the NEX-5 and still not looked back. Look forward to meeting everyone, jumping in with photos, banter and contributing where possible to the forum!

I mainly shoot cars and starting on video more and more. I run a car enthusiast club "West London Collective" which is gaining in interest so will have regular photos for everyone.

Apologise if I am slow on here or not here for months but I am still alive. Just have 101 things to do in a day.


betwixt and between
teshi, AKA Mitesh, here's a welcome from the New York metro area to you!

When you say that you've been through the wars, do you mean that you've photographed the wars and/or served?

When it comes to cars, I used to be very involved in the new MINI world/cult...and I'm really a sucker for classic cars with their beautiful lines, chrome, leather and wood.;)

Very glad to have you here whenever you can be!

P.S. I'll be sure to check out your blog - and thanks so much for those links.:th_salute:


In a metaphor sense of course. :) Been through the wars in terms of finding what I enjoy shooting and camera brands.

Street photography is much trickier without some sort of viewfinder so will await the sales of the NEX-7 which should put me back into the game. As for automotive, well that is just always great fun!