Micro 4/3 Moire problems with my GH1 and 20mm


I'd like to know if anyone has successfully dealt with this in post production. The moire in the image in question covers a section of fine mesh fencing and includes false colour (alternating blue and orange) as well as shading. I've done some searches but any advice from the knowledgeable crowd here would be welcome.


Okay, let's start with the easiest options first. Are you sure your lens is not giving you some colour fringing? Do they show both in RAW and JPEG? What about with some other lens? Could be just a combination of both sensor and lens reaching their limit of performance in a given situation.
Hard to say without any samples or further data.


Fixed it having downloaded a trial version of LR4 and made use of the new moire removal brush. So pleased that I thought I would post the samples here. I think it was an unusual situation as I've not experienced the problem before.

Snapz Pro XScreenSnapz002.jpg
Snapz Pro XScreenSnapz003.jpg


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Ah, I see. Thanks! I wasn't sure if there was any more detail to see. In the worst area of moire LR has smudged things quite a bit but I guess that wouldn't be very noticable in the full-size image. It's also interesting that it hasn't touched the last piece of moire over the top of the railing, probably something to do with there being a non-uniform background.
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