Monitor and Camera calibration ...


Recently I decided to finally use my x-rite Passport camera calibration Kit
Comprising Color Chart and software...
Go here for a quick Primer
X-Rite ColorChecker Passport
Its really a cinch, the results for the Pen bodies and Pany G series was different
With Oly it was very subtle while with Pany more noticeable in a warmth in skin tones.

The other thing I did was Monitor calibration for that I used the Excellent SPIDER 3 Express 0n my Eizo S2433W 24" LCD with special LCD panel (considered one of the best LCD screens) it has the widest color gamut and also show NO change in image in the vertical direction.
Most common LCD's screens show image variation with viewing height apart from being out colorwise (Yes even Apple stuff) ;-)
You just place the Spider 3 against the screen and run the software supplied and a profile is created that's loaded at boot time, difference is subtle mostly on skin tones.

So now I am calibrated .........

Cost for both items around $200 well worth the effort


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John, I'm glad you brought this up. When Don was up here visiting me, he brought along his Spyder 2 and calibrated my MacBook Pro. I need to get a hold of my own spyder, soon.:thumbsup:


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Thanks for this - I have a Spyder 2 also but the X-Rite looks useful to complete the process. Do you anticipate this a once-off or something to do before each big shoot? Are the profiles shareable or 'buried' in the software.

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