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I am now running two separate systems. My desktop has all the Adobe CC stuff on it because it is a dual purpose machine. My Dell laptop I have Capture One Fuji Pro 12 and Affinity. I freely admit I'm learning my way around both of these programs but I'm starting to make progress.( Thank you, YouTube ) The deal is I want to run an eternal monitor on my laptop for editing but I don't have the money to drop a thousand on a bonified photo editing grade monitor. I have found some ASUS and Dell models for around 250 that look like they will do the job. Any thoughts or recommendations on this? I haven't bought a monitor in years. I'm sure this is a get what you pay for, but there should be some middle ground standouts some where. After a year of this I hope to know which system I prefer or I may just enjoy the variety.
Edit: I'm looking at the 24 in. size or there about.
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Tim, is your goal with an external monitor to have a color grading monitor, a 4K display, a 'larger' monitor, touch screen, or a combination thereof? As you've already eliminated some of the more expensive units what is your 'Wish List' of as many items as possible within the budget range you're targeting?


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Back when I was switching from my iMac to a Macbook Pro + screen, I went with the Dell U2410 which was popular with photographers who seemed to know what they were talking about. Its still going, 8 years later, not having missed a beat. I'd recommend the current version of it which may well have a similar designation (the last two digits indicating year of release, I think). Its *very* configurable, and comes with a bazillion ports and connectors and cables. I bought the el cheapo soundbar to go with it, though thats switched off most of the time. Its serving my mac mini really well.

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